Mt. McKinley (Denali), 20,320 feet
"Denali in all of her glory"

"Are you ready for this?"
"You haven"t ridden until you"ve
ridden the
Last Frontier!"

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"Our stay at the lodge was one of the greatest vacations we have ever taken. We would love to come back." Matt and Pam - Derwood, Maryland

"Words do not adequately express the grandeur and splendor of your native Alaska. I arrived with dreams, goals and expectations which have all been surpassed. Let's shoot for August, 2008." Janie - Tequesba, FL

"My words of thanks seem as small as me standing against your magnificent mountains. The friendships born from this experience with our 2 and 4 legged friends is forever etched in my heart and soul" Candace - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"This has been the most relaxing vacation we have ever been on. From the great rides to the delicious food from Ms. Karol. Stay in great health until we return next year." Rodney and DeeDee - Spartanburg, SC

"Thanks so much for sharing your paradise with us. This has been truly the best riding I have done along with your hospitality. I will be in touch. 'Friends'" - Jackie - Zeeland, MI

"Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful country with us. The trip to the Nenana was tops! Sargent... what a great horse! If he ever wants to retire to a warmer climate, he has a home in Michigan..." - Shelly - Holland, MI

"Thank you so much for making my first, but not last, visit to Alaska one of the most beautiful memories - experiences of my life. How fortunate you are to be surrounded by this paradise. How fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful, real people like you. I will see you again!!" - Ali -St. Louis, Missouri

"I was amazed at the horses surefootedness through the tundra. I loved all the wildflowers, especially the abundance of fireweed. The meals were delicious, everyone..." - Marilyn "Pinny" - Carbondale, IL

" Our experience at Denali Country Ranch was the essence of a true Alaskan adventure complete with indelible memories and gratitude to a group of horses, a dog named Stetson, and a family who was willing to share their piece of paradise with us. We came as guests and left as friends. Thank you all." Jay and Kathy - Wolcott, CT

"Thanks for everything including the weather. I couldn't have imagined a better 'introduction' to Alaska than the one you gave us. We"ll be back!" - Carolin and Peter - Seattle, WA

"Was impressed with the awesome expansive beauty of this area. Got another perspective of it all by seeing it on horseback. Going up high one day and then over to the Nenana the next were 2 totally different experiences. I will also remember Whitey's strength and spirit and also his hoofprint on my foot. It was all great." - Bob and Mary - Anchorage, AK

"I arrived green; left black and blue; and had a wonderful time. It's all been said in the previous pages - Your warmth, the food, wonderful horses - my memories: The only place I could have caught a fish! Picking blueberries on the alpine tundra! A hot sauna at the end of a raw day! Bobby quoting 'Lonesome Dove'! Most of all thanks for sharing your knowledge of horses and the country! And keep Pony content for me, hope he learns the ropes and gets to stay in equine paradise" - Deb and Christopher - Brookline, MA

"A dream come true! To share the Libbey's 'heaven'. An experience that will stay with me forever. A vacation that was so relaxing and inspiring. An adventure to cherish!" - Mary Jane - West Harwich, MA

"So wonderful... What a wonderland. Great food, great horses, etc., etc. I don't have enough words! We just loved it! But the highlight was riding in that wonderland with the caribou! WOW!" - Dee
Joe and Dee, Amelia, VA

"I left Washington, DC far behind... Thanks for the personal attention and the great care for the was a renewing vacation. Randolf loved Spot and this wilderness." - Vikki

"The open land was beyond imagination...the professional approach of the Libbey family provided a feeling of safety and genuine care for their guests. This place has true out of doors adventure, 'Southern' hospitality and an education bent for the curious!" - Randolf
Randolf and Vikki, Centerville, VA

"The vastness of the wilderness is breathtaking! I really appreciate the great care given to the horses...very refreshing. Thanks for a very memorable trip!" - Jeff and Brenda, Waynesboro, PA

"Thanks for taking me back 40 years, and my joints tolerated it, too. See you down the trail!" - Nancy, Anchorage, AK

"I love Cochise - a lovely ride through the bog on his neck! I love the mountains." - Anne, Bellevue, WA

"The weather was a gift, the scenery a joy, the horses gentle and sure, and the hosts like every favored family member you've ever known. I can't figure out if they're making it difficult to leave or impossible not to come back. I struggle with wanting to tell everyone I know and telling no one of this magic place, so we can keep it selfishly for our own." - Fran

"Thanks for a wonderful time. I'll never forget it. The next time I get homesick for Alaska, I'll start a campfire and read a little Robert Service." - Harold
Harold and Fran, Chicago, IL

"A great way to see the great Alaskan outdoors!" - Diddy, Anchorage, AK

"Remarkable country and a remarkable family. Would not have appreciated all the history and sites without the personal, sincere commentary... impactful lasting memories." -  Chandler, Midlothian, VA

"Wow, what a truly wonderful trip. So many beautiful memories... We miss your smiles and hope to cross paths again." - Richard and daughter Samantha, Manhasset, NY

"We loved the rain, the hawk owl, catching grayling, Beth's cooking, listening to Gray Ghost pass gas, watching 'Lonesome Dove' at night, the awe inspiring views of the land, the great horses and our gracious hosts. Thanks!" - Harold and Ann, Ransom Canyon, TX

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