Mt. McKinley (Denali), 20,320 feet
"Denali in all of her glory"

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"You haven't ridden until you've
ridden the
Last Frontier!"

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Our Riding Vacation

Explore Alaska! Denali Country Ranch offers an exclusive, fully guided riding vacation package. While there will be plenty to do while off your horse, our goal is to give you the riding vacation of your life. An effort is made to match riding levels within each group, and our group size is limited to four adventurers per week, to ensure a quality riding experience. We traverse the last frontier Alaskan style though forested river bottoms and across high alpine meadows. Our rugged and sure-footed mountain horses, which are selected for their temperament and durability, are quite at ease in this environment, and they enjoy performing for our guests. They are working horses, in country where transportation was primarily their burden during early exploration of Alaska. They will take you though difficult terrain with surprising ease, and soon become a very trusted guide and friend. They don't win shows, but they do win hearts.

"Friends for life!" "Transportation on the Last Frontier"

From the front or back door of the ranch, we begin our treks into pure wilderness. Our location offers two distinctly different riding experiences. The first climbs into the high alpine tundra to the south of our ranch, offering spectacular vistas and open country. It tends to be breezy, bringing insects to a minimum. This is a great ride for beautiful, warm sunny days. The second takes you down into the forested Monahan Basin below. This ride offers more terrain variations and less exposure on cooler days. Our rides follow favorable terrain features and existing wildlife trails, in country where conventional trails don't exist; and we begin each trek with only a general destination in mind. 

"On the trail to Butte Lake"

We provide at least one overnight trip during the week. Our Butte Lake overnight trip offers the wilderness pack trip atmosphere with the comforts and security of a cabin. Daily rides tend to range from 5-7 hours or more in duration, depending on the day's objectives, and we plan them each evening based on weather factors and group interests.

"A chance to reflect!"

"Capturing McKinley from ridge above ranch"Typical evening ranch activities include sharing a campfire, reading, watching video movies together, or relaxing in the sauna. Guests often choose to get involved in the evening operations of the ranch. In late August, the northern lights are sometimes visible. The ranch environment is also supportive of just getting away by ones self, in quiet solitude.

"getting the last drop"On Friday, if you wish, you can add Denali National Park to your Alaska adventure. Transportation to the Park entrance can be by private auto [if you have rented one], or by shuttle service from Cantwell. We can provide suggestions and advice for other follow-up choices.


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