Mt. McKinley (Denali), 20,320 feet
"Alaska, the Great Land!"

"Are you ready for this?"
"Unforgettable wilderness horseback riding vacations in Alaska, the Last Frontier!"

"The best horse vacation ever!" - Jackie Driesenga

"The absolute best adventure of my life!" - Beth Ford

"Alaska at it's best! A 'riding adventure' you'll not forget" - Mary Jane Curran

"A Paradise Lost" - Jay and Kathy Rocca

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Come enjoy an Alaskan wilderness horseback experience of a lifetime! At Adventures Unlimited Denali Country Ranch, our family owned and operated guest ranch, we offer a truly authentic Alaskan riding vacation. From the comforts of our ranch, our guests explore the Denali country, traversing high alpine meadows, and crossing forested river valleys, as only Alaska and a good horse can offer. We cater to very small groups to ensure a quality experience, and we leave a lasting impression. Our guests become close friends, and many want to take their horse home upon the conclusion of their tour. As an Alaskan family, we enjoy sharing this unspoiled and vast wilderness with you!

"Ready to visit the wilds" "Should this be you?"

Our ranch's location offers virtually limitless options for true explorations similar to the treks made early in the 1900's by prospectors in search of gold. Horses settled this country, to the extent it was settled, and many a fortune was discovered looking over the ears of a truly incommensurable animal. Our neighbors include a major caribou herd, moose, brown bear, wolves and a host of bird and waterfowl varieties, and other wild creatures. Though the prospect of finding gold here might not be high, the prospect of finding peace and a fresh perspective is very high.

"Neighbors drop by for a snack"

Our setting is across a vast basin from the truly breathtaking Alaska Range. The ranch is self sufficient and comfortable, but a mere outpost in a seemingly endless wilderness. Our guests are often unprepared for the staggering vastness and beauty of this Denali country. Each finds something of themselves in this land, and leaves a piece of their heart behind when the time comes to say "so long."

"Our extended garden"

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